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We value our clients and their experiences with Integrative Pet Vet

We wanted share some of these stories with you.

Dublin - Dublin is a gorgeous laborador retriever that had a large non-healing wound on her right hindlimb. Dublin had suffered a traumatic incident about a year ago on the right hind foot, but despite aggressive conventional therapy, there were limited results. The wound was not improving and as a last resort, acupuncture and alternative treatment modalities were started. After a few acupuncture treatments, the wound improved significantly. She continues to receive maintenance acupuncture therapy with no limitations.


"When conventional medicine was no longer able to benefit my dog. Dr Chen was the key to our success. Dr. Chen's calm, efficient demeanor and compassionate nature made a difficult situation better again and I am profoundly grateful." ~ Christine H.

Dooby - Dooby is an outgoing, lovable senior rescue Doberman who wants nothing more than attention from everyone around him.  His owner had him for only a few months when he suddenly became paralyzed. Dooby was diagnosed with Wobbler's disease, and his prognosis for walking again was guarded. Dooby's owner decided against surgery, and instead chose acupuncture with Dr. Chen. Dooby was started on herbal medications and had electrical acupuncture performed initially on a weekly, then biweekly and is now on a monthly maintenance course of treatment. 


After only a few acupuncture sessions, Dooby was able to walk again.  Over the next few months, Dr. Chen administered acupuncture treatments to Dooby in his home. Dooby slowly gained strength and stamina, and is mostly back to his pre-paralyzed state. Dooby has some residual weakness and needs assistance only when getting in and out of his owner's car.

Charles - Charles is a strong and vibrant foxhound that had a sudden episode of paraplegia (unable to use hindlimbs, stand and walk even with help). The owners had two differing opinions for two different local specialists on MRI results, the owners elected to pursue aggressive surgery for his protruding disc. After his surgery, he was treated aggressively with acupuncture, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories and herbal medications.  Acupuncture treatments continued for 3 months and were aggressive in the beginning of his disease process at two the three times a week for a month, then once a week and now once a month.

His dedicated owners were very diligent with physical therapy on a daily basis and dedicating three months to helping him recover his mobility. Currently, he is able to stand, walk and play with the dog next door along the fence.

Princess - Princess is senior siamese cat that had a history of chronic renal disease, progressive arthritis and presumptive dementia (circling continuously and abnormal sleep patterns). The dedicated owners wanted to seek an alternative approach to help with her with her quality of life. She was treated with weekly dry needle acupuncture and initiated on herbal medications and recommended nutraceuticals.


Recent bloodwork showed kidney values were within normal limits. The owners have noticed improved quality of life, circling has subsided and she appears to be more agile.

Simon - 2yr old male neutered sphinx cat presented for a chronic history of diarrhea. He has had diarrhea since he was six months old. He has been treated with anti-inflammatories, yet the diarrhea continued for approximately 1 year. As a last resort the owner elected to try herbal medications and acupuncture. He was treated initially once a week for 2 months, started on herbal medications and novel diet change. He currently has not had an episode of diarrhea and has been off anti-inflammatories.

Watson - 10 yr old male Bulldog has recent history of right forelimb lameness and neck pain. He was prescribed pain medications and anti-inflammatories initially and the owner elected to try acupuncture for his pain and lameness. He has been treated with weekly electrical acupuncture and herbal recommendations. 


He now exhibits no signs of pain and the owners believe that he is doing better and has a better quality of life.

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